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Dear  a493ccae90b7f1@mo.jugem.jp







   大陸手機:+86-13642980935 楊生 (24小時熱線)
   Q Q:2905650779  微信號:13642980935











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IFbCYMxcx 各 行 &#19994; 【kai 】 &#30623; 找Q:78 2906 986 rb

                  低 价 格 开【zhen 】瞟 



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电话/微信:136-6023-7976  陈经理



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RE: DARFT B/L, Shipment Bill of lading 20170000112 FOR YOUR CONSIGMENT:::::


Dear Valued Customer,

Kindly review Draft BL and Shipping documents online.  

Please note that  some details are hidden for confidentiality purpose.

This was sent following the instruction from our customer to send to your email a493ccae90b7f1@mo.jugem.jp

Please review now from the attached files below
NOTE: Please download the both file to enable you get the two document as a proof .
Kindly feel free to contact us in case of any further query

Appreciate your usual co-operation;

Kindly ensure it is okay.
Maersk Line

Maersk Line is the global container division and the largest operating unit of the Maersk Group, a Danish business conglomerate. It is the world's largest container shipping company having customers through 374 offices in

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Message-ID: 8959021173773
From: =?5wmio??= <a493ccae90b7f1@mo.jugem.jp>
To: <gjmjoscob@ieuvam.net>

详 情 请 阅 读 附 件

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Urgent Business Proposal

Hello a493ccae90b7f1, 

I greet you with warm regards. I earn a living in the oil industry as leader of the Procurement Unit/account department in a refining outfit owned by a South East Asian government. On my desk is a mandate to arrange for crude oil purchase from Libya for up to 2,000,000 barrels on monthly bases for 12 calendar months. The essence of my reaching out to you is the fact that am in the process of building a middle man structure to mediate between the 2 parties involved before the contract is signed. You may be wondering why I cannot do it myself right? The honest fact is that as a staff, it is against my company's operational policy to profiteer from any dealings

with the firm hence the reason I need a trustworthy person outside my work circle in order to maintain a discreet profile. I wish to extend this partnership to you my friend to build a middle man structure with you, while I work from the back to guide you. 

Our commission/brokerage as middle persons is between - per barrel as case may be. So, if the target of 2M barrels is met monthly we stand to share M - M every month for a span of 12 months. Worry less about the speedy sales as I have contacts within oil producing country's top officials for license of crude oil export/lifting to any firm I so present for this business.
Let me know if you are interested.

Mr. Belo Graham.

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Message-ID: 7129752125134
From: =?bat??= <a493ccae90b7f1@mo.jugem.jp>
To: <dunpd@yopm.net>
发送时间:2019-8-6  19:38:49
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